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re: hmmm

< The gains were nite and day. The turbo spooled up much faster and the lowend
and mid-range are much stronger. The turbo comes in alot faster and alot
harder, the pulls much better. 

spooled faster huh? mid range stronger huh? turbo comes faster harder, pulls
better huh?

< As for topend hp, you gain by being able to run more boost. At the stock
boost, the topend gains will not as much.

gains top end huh?

< Do not look for big gains in total power at WOT. The gains are in the way
the motor revs from idle to redline. The car will be faster because the torque
is greater. The motor will feel more like a V-8 , then a turbo 4. Thanks again

no gains huh?  different for WOT huh?  

sounds like retoric to me,  everything gains but WOT.  every gain he states
would affect WOT.  and what is wrong with turbo 4's?

i think it is time to break out some waiders, the stuff is getting deep

Ryan M.

naturally aspirated '89 mustang, in search of a blower