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Fuel System

What really controls the fuel flow into the cumbustion chamber. 

1. fuel pump
2. fuel pressure regulator
4. Injector
5. combonation of all.

Obviously you have to be getting enough from the fuel pump, each fuel
pump has a limit, that can be controlled by an adjustable fuel pressure
regulator. The EEC-IV must take care of the timing of the injectors, and
make preset adjustments to certain situations, in other words you can
still run too rich or lean. Injectors like fuel pumps have limits.

What would happen if all replaced the fuel pump. Installed an adjustable
fuel pressure regulator, larger injectors, and of course something to
monitor your lean rich situation. In other words everything except the
EEC-IV. You could even upgrade the ignition system to get a bigger


Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver
Toronto, Canada