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Re: Fuel System

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Sly, Dennis wrote:

> What would happen if all replaced the fuel pump. Installed an adjustable
> fuel pressure regulator, larger injectors, and of course something to
> monitor your lean rich situation. In other words everything except the
> EEC-IV. You could even upgrade the ignition system to get a bigger
> spark.
Buy that new mass air kit:)

Anyhoo....There s not a prob with putting in a larger FP unless its so big
the FPR(regulator) cant flow enuff and the pressure builds up too
high..this is unlikey unless you put like 4 SX pumps on..
So neglecting the pump..
The prob with putting on larger injectors alone is you would be running
rich all the time. It'll help you on the topend if your leaning out, but
the car will idle like crap, and basically run crappy anywhere it didnt
need the fuel.
Some people put an adjutable FPR on with the stock injectors, to raise
pressure.  Again, that helps the top a bit, but the bottom is rich.
Comebine the two, and what happens is you are using the FPR to decrease
pressure, so the car will idle, but still try to get some benefit to the
larger capacity at the top.  When you finally get it balanced out the best
you can, you still have a car that idles a bit rich, doenst use the
injector to its capacity, and also, your screwin up something else, the
EEC.  When you do things that trick the EEC into giving the car more fuel,
the EEC really thinks its not loaded as much.  hence, the spark tables
could be toomuch or little for a given load, etc.

i'm not trying to sound real pessimistic, but just to point out that its
not a linear kinda thing where you just have to give it more gas and all
is fine. it can be made to work, as the 5.0 speed density guys do it all
the time, but its still not the "right" way to do it.
Biggest problem is fiding out what the "rite" way is on the 2.3.

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