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Re: Fuel System

Hi Dennis and all

> What would happen if all replaced the fuel pump. Installed an adjustable
> fuel pressure regulator, larger injectors, and of course something to
> monitor your lean rich situation. In other words everything except the
> EEC-IV. You could even upgrade the ignition system to get a bigger
> spark.

I have an old ( ' 86) analog fuel injection computer it has 7 pots for adjusting the 
injector on time for every 1000 rpm up to 7000 rpm. A master fuel pot for 
adjusting the whole range and a pot that controls a squirt of gas when you step 
on the pedal (like an accelerator pump in a car) It sensors the air by using a 
map sensor so no restriction on the intake side.

It's an old system but It works very well, you can set it up to do what you want. 
I use an O2 sensor display to tune it.

It was made by a local company Link. Their new systems do everything 
fuel/ignition/boost control. You can even run distributor less crank timed ignition 
firing up to 8 coils, Its really cool gear. A complete setup to do everything costs 
around US$650-700.

If you look at cars they have changed much over the last 10 years, most of the 
economy and power gains are coming from engine management.


' 73 Mk1Ford Capri 2L Turbo 

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