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SVO: New to the list

Hello, my name is Mark Beacom. I am new to this list. I just recently
purchased an 86 SVO from a junkyard in Tuscon AZ. The car is relatively
complete and I am in the process of reassembling the engine. Please bear with
me if I ask questions you have already covered on this list, but I am looking
for some ideas on restoration. 

1) Does any body have a list of parts that are just plain old Ford something
or other that appear to be SVO only. I am curious I believe that some of this
stuff like headlights, lug nuts, brake rotors etc. are probabally Ford parts
bin stuff.

2) The only real missing piece on this car is the rear wing. Does any one have
one (with the brake light) that I could purchase?

A short note about me: I own several late model mustangs now, since the
purchase of the SVO. I have an 83 GT that is an SCCA American Sedan car that I
have been racing for 5 seasons now, an '82 GT, '88GT, and a 2.3 liter '89
coupe that my wife drives.

Mark Beacom 
Omaha NE
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