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T5 Clutch change on 1988 TC - Any Helpful Hints/Tricks or advise?

This is my first TC /T5 clutch Change, but not the first time I've
changed a clutch. I've changed bout 8-10 different clutches on FWD and
RWD cars. I was just wondering if their is any weird thing to look out
for or do. I ordered the Centerforce II clutch/disk/TO bearing. 

Of course I'm sending the flywheel out to be ground. Are there any
tricks here like removing material from the flywheel ect...or should I
keep the weight on for street use (Daily Driver)

Seems like Redline is the way to go for the T5.  Is their a special
ATF for the T5 or just use Redline ATF off the shelf? Should the
friction modifier be used to help the synchros ?

Could I change my Rear Engine Seal and my Front Trany seal at this
time? any advise on the Rear engine seal (removal/install procedure,
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