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Re: T5 Clutch change on 1988 TC - Any Helpful Hints/Tricks or advise?

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Floyd wrote:

> This is my first TC /T5 clutch Change, but not the first time I've
> changed a clutch. I've changed bout 8-10 different clutches on FWD and
> RWD cars. I was just wondering if their is any weird thing to look out
> for or do. I ordered the Centerforce II clutch/disk/TO bearing. 
Step one...send back the Centerforce and stick with the 9 1/4"
stocker...if you are lookin for some serious bite, get a puck clutch from
esslinger or racer walsh, but i doubt you need it...

> Of course I'm sending the flywheel out to be ground. Are there any

While your back there and have the flywheel out, CHANGE THE FREEZE PLUG!
There is one back there, and its prolly kinda old....My freind did a trans
swap on a wweekend, and the clutch and all looked fine...one Wed he was
bitchin about bad chatter....so 5 days after the trans swap, he was at my
house witht he car in the air, changing the freeze plug and clutch, as the
water ruined his(centerforce, coincidentally).

One tip of adcive to make the job easier...after taking off the X member
and drive shaft, remove the four bolts holding the trans to the
bellhosing.  its easier to drop the trans then the bellhousing than to try
and wrestle the whole freakin thing.

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