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SVO: Tiny Avenger

   Yesterday, I went and visited Tiny Avenger Motorsports.  We of course
talked about 2.3li turbos, his car, my car, MM&FF,etc...  Got a hold of his
new catalog, which actually has a few good parts in it.  He told me that his
interest was to give the best bang for the buck mods for the 2.3li crowd that
have been tested and proven; both on the strip and dyno.  He also commented on
his Volvo intercooler setup, which he and the guys at SHO shop tested on the
dyno and was measuring how effecient it was.  It turns out that it sucks and
is not effecient.  Though it does give some improvment, but the core is really
designed for the light boosted Volvo's.  I was hoping it would work nice - oh
well.  BTW it's a good thing that all the article pictures were in black and
white because this thing is ugly!  If you have any questions about his car or
whatever, you can reach TA motorsports at 714-890-0811.  Tell him which list
you got his number, proof that we, the 2.3liT crowd are big on the net.   Oh
yeah now for the legal:  I am not affliated with Tiny Avenger Motorsports, nor
does he give me half his earnings!  Thank You :)

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