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Re: Intercoolers

Chris Costanzo wrote:
> >
>         If I'm not mistaken (and it wouldn't be the first time I was), the
> GN IC is a coolant based heat exchanger (ie. like the Vortech Aftercooler).
> But instead of it's own supply of water, it uses engine coolant, which
> happens to get very hot.  Most GN guys trash them to install an air-air IC
>                                                 Bug Bug

Nope, the GN's use an air to air intercooler mounted up front...ever
notice how the front air damn is open in the middle????? The GMC Syclone
and Typhoon use the water cooled intercooler...

71 Cutlass S 455
86 Mustang LX w/ 88 T-bird turbo 2.3