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Hey all...
I remeber some talk on the "other" list a while back, about the later Fords
having fender mounted TFI's.  I was at the junkyard today geting my 5 dollar
VOLVO blowoff valve(hop it can flow enuff:), and saw a 88 v6 bird out
there..Funny thng was, there was a heatsink mounted to the core support, and
the TFI was in that..right behind the grille opening..
I thought it would be cool to grab it and put on the Merk, but wasnt sure
where it got the signal fromt he Pip into it from....Looked like the same
TFI as we have, with the same amount of connections, so I dunno...The engine
was gone, so I didnt see how the distributor was setup...wonder what it
would actually take to make that conversion reliable....