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RE: intercoolers

>On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, jim mcdonald wrote:
>> I just got a intercooler from a 88 Toyota Supra for $50 <snip>
>That's the one that doesn't really have tanks, huh?  The inlet and outlet
>pipes *are* the tanks, and the tubes just come off of them, right?
>I've always wondered about those...I've seen a couple around, but never
>felt like shelling out the cash...:)  Really light, huh?
>Joe Morgan

I don't know that this means anything, but I thought that since those
cars only made 5 pounds of boost stock, and only 30hp more than
the NA version, and HKS recommends upgrading almost everything
to make big power (their stuff, of course), it's probably not very
high performance stuff.  Could be wrong...I haven't looked closely
at one myself. ;-)