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Re: your mail

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, hotrod1 wrote:

I wasnt even goin to reply bein as you still insist on sending HTML
messages for some rediculous, annoying reason....

> I finally got a motor bought!!!!! tehe tehe found a harness too....can
> you tell Im giddy with anticipation?  Anyway Joe and someone was talking
> about C-4 trannys behind 4 cylinders.  If I was to go looking in a
> scrapyard what cars they came in? years and body styles

the first year or 2 of mustang II or pintos with autos had C3's and C4s,
most being C3's...By 77 I hink aobu all were C3.  The old 2.0 cars with
autos were C4, but you have to modify the dowels to fit the bellhousing.

.....also is
> there any obvious way to tell the difference between a c-4 and a c-3? 
> please help!!! 

Quickest way I have seen is when you look at how the cooler lines attach
to the case, on a C3 both lines will attach at the same point, more or
less, while the C4 will have one that touches doewn in the front and the
other will attach at the reart of the body..
Jus look at a 80's ford with a small block, andf then  one witha  2.3.
Comapre the diffrences, and stuff, as the body of the 4 cyl C4 is the
same as the V8.

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