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Re: questions

In a message dated 98-02-20 11:51:56 EST, you write:

<< Being new to modifying cars I have a lot of questions.  Has anyone tried a
 T-56 or tremec 3550 swap in a T-5 equipped 88 TC.  Also does anyone know
 of worth while suspension upgrades.  I talked to someone at Griggs Racing
 who said tha the T-bird and Mustang share SOME compnents, except those
 that have to do with wheel base.  Any idea if this is true or not.  One
 more question.  Does an 87mph trap speed sound possible with a 16.49 ET,
 because thats what I had my first time out ever.

i ve heard reports of a turbo coupe running a full griggs suspension, i m sur
e everything would work alright, they (mustang, t-bird, fairmont, zepher,
etc.)  all share the same basic subframe structures and the different geometry
would improve all models.  i know the fairmont guys use all sorts of mustang
bits, and are excellent sleepers (who would think a fairmont futura could ever
run a 13 second quarter mile?!)  it is worth a try as any mod to the fox
chassis would improve ride, handling and tire wear(active traction control?).

Ryan M.

89 stang