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On Fri, 20 Feb 1998, Mark Peters wrote:

> Morris, Carl D wrote:
> > 
> > But that totally depends on weight...what did you use as his
> > weight?
> 3400lbs came up with 176 hp
> 3800lbs came up with 199 hp

If you figure a stock, 3400lb minus driver, 5-speed TC was rated by Ford
at 190 net flywheel (or was it at the end of the trans?) horsepower, ~170 is 
about right (10% drivetrain loss). 

Not like this really helps, but my bone stock (at the time) '88 motor in the 
Pinto turned 160 horse @ the rear wheels in front of a C-3 and 8" (16%).

>From my experience, a big gain can be achieved in the TC's by cooling 
down the ICs good before a run. My 160 horse pull was with NO AIR through 
the IC AND behind an automatic....it's not really rocket science, but that 
tells me the TC ICs must not cool well.

Just for humor sake, I have to mention what some of my 5.0 buds did on
their last trip to the dyno. They had a couple "tuned-up" SEFIs there and
one carbed '85 HO, with the usuall mods: exhaust, head porting, cones,
FPs, timing, short belts, etc. A couple of the poor bastards couldn't get
over 200 horse at the rear wheels for the life of them (900 feet/40 deg
F). One of them decided to ditch the short belt altogether (only turning
PS, alt, air-cond and WP) and experienced a 15 horse gain at the rear
wheels. Another 5.0 "lemming" did the same on his cammed '90 GT and gained
14 horse on the high end. FYI