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RE: questions

>From: 	Mark Peters[SMTP:mpeters@corral.net]
>Sent: 	Friday, February 20, 1998 6:54 PM
>To: 	Morris, Carl D
>Cc: 	'2.3L Mailing list'
>Subject: 	Re: questions
>Morris, Carl D wrote:
>> But that totally depends on weight...what did you use as his
>> weight?
>Hmm. I posted that once, guess It didnt go thru...

Yeah, I saw it right after I asked...

>3400lbs came up with 176 hp
>3800lbs came up with 199 hp

I think he said he had an 88, so it's probably closer to the
3800 lb weight.

>I didnt write the cgi for that calculator, Its just part of the corral
>and seems to be fairly close

Yeah, I know...I used to use it a lot before I wrote mine.  Mine's
based on the same equation, I've just added a few more things.