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Re: Stock TC ET/trap

>>Does an 87mph trap speed sound possible with a 16.49 ET,
>> because thats what I had my first time out ever.

>Someone (Brian Guild?) reported a high-high-high 15 second pass with his 
>5-speed TC this last summer.

Actually, my pass was a 16.089 @ 87.5mph.  If I can recall, my 60ft was
around 2.09 with a reaction time of .68.  The car is an 88 TurboCoupe, 5
Sp. with around 120,000 miles on the odometer.  The only modification was a
K&N Filter.  Prior to the run, I iced my intercooler, but, I figure that
most of that advantage was lost because I was in the staging lanes for at
least 5 minutes.
I'm sure my turbo heat-soaked the IC by then ;-)

>It really takes talent to hook those cars on street tires. Rev too low and 
>bog the motor, rev too high and you spin like crazy. 

Ain't that the truth!  Depending on track condition, If I drop the clutch
at 3500 my Dunlop D-60 A2's will put on a nice smoke show.  If I drop the
clutch at 2500, the car will bog down an run a 17 in the quarter.  I think
the best way to launch these cars is to slip the clutch to build boost.
That way, the car will already be hooked up by the time the boost kicks in.
 I have run everywhere from a 17.8 to a 16.089 in this car, and let me tell
you, this vehicle IS NOT a candidate for bracket racing, unless you're a pro!

>**I would really love to hear some numbers on the '87-'88 A4LD TC's.**

Yeah, that would be nice.  Seems everyone with the automatic cars are too
afraid that their transmissions will break.  From what I have heard, this
is a valid concern.