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Re: Stock TC ET/trap

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Brian Guild wrote:

>  I have run everywhere from a 17.8 to a 16.089 in this car, and let me tell
> you, this vehicle IS NOT a candidate for bracket racing, unless you're a pro!

I must disagree here...the T-birds kick ass for bracket racing...it's a
Mustang with a big trunk (overhang).  With a decent set of tires, they'll
hook on ice -- even to the extent that the added weight isn't a penalty
(in some cases).

I've seen several mid-14 second turbo birds with very mild mods...a couple
on radials.  They hook so hard (or try to) that they wheel-hop severely
and crack the bottom of the C-pillar.  As a fox platform, though...you
just can't lower them and make it to hook.

Joe Morgan
*bracket racer*