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2.3 Heads

Hello All,

    I think you guys just finished talking about cylinder heads a couple
of days ago. But to my misfortune, I only got the end of thread.

  Sorry for the repetion, But I have been told that for performance
the 87 and later turbo head is the prime choice? The later have pressed
valve seats and being super rare? I was in the process of reworking a 
E6ZE casting that I pulled of a 87 TC. And found some pretty nasty
cracks in all the exhaust seat leading into the exhaust port. So, now
I am again looking for a core and asking this question: Is it true about
the 87 and newer heads being the only candidate? Or can a early, say 85
turbo head be used with proper checking and preparation. I just don't
want to invest money and time into porting and assembly.

                          Thanks. ALEX.