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SVO parts

Hey all
Anyone here have any requests for parts from an 86 SVO?
There is a guy around here parting a mostly complete one, T boned in the
side.  Don't even ask about EEC/VAF..thats all I want from it, the rest is
up.  The parts missing at this point are nose(but he may have another for
sale, as the he has a brand new, still unpainted NOS nose for his other
car), passenger fender, exhaust, and maybe a few other things
-Seats were in good shape, but driver frame is bent becasue of getting
hit. prolly be good to pull the fabric and put on something else.

-All wheels there, with nice Comp T/A radials.  One has a small ding on
the lip.
I am going to check today, but I think all lugnuts are there.

-Good hatch, sail panels, quarter glass.

-Hood is there, but needs work.  It is fixable.  The nose part of it was a
bit rippled and banged out..still wavy, but any body shop can repair it.

-Interior still has the black panels on dash, and gages still in it.
I didnt get a good look inside, but will this afternoon. Most of it is

-Driving lites still onit and in excellent shape.

-all suspension complete

-rear end and disc brakes complete.

-I think it has the t5 still in it too.

So guys, make me offers on parts that you seriously want.  Also, tell me
what you need, as its prolly in good shape.  I want to try
to get as many serious people looking for parts so I can make him an offer
on the car.  All I want from it is the vane and EEC.  

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