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Re: Huh?

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Scott Shidel... wrote:

> I saw this on the "Headlight Polishers List"....
> > Subject: Re: FMS Roller characteristics
> > 
> > The effect of retarding the cam is different on a turbo motor, than a N/A
> > car, cuz the engine has less torque = more load = more turbo spoolup.
> > 
> now, can someone explain why more manifold pressure is preferable to
> torque?  sure, more boost makes more power, but if your hindering the
> engine so that it has to make more boost jus to get out of its own way
> your not gaining anything at the wheels.  or am I way off?
> kinda like riding the brakes and sayin "wow the boost is really climbin!",
> but the car is not goin anywhere.
> Scott

I sat and thought about this one for a while too, but I think what they 
were trying to say is that you can retard the cam so you get more power 
on the top end, and you won't loose as much power on the bottom end as 
you would doing this on a NA motor. Therefor you get the better top end 
without hurting low end as much as.... There was more to the post than 
you quoted that would make it a little clearer i think.
or am I missing something here?

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