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re:Re: SVO

	No, my car is still back in VA unfortunately. More than likely I will 
have it out here sometime in May (wow that seems like a long time) (I'm trying 
to get 4 or 5 days of leave so I can drive x-country).  BTW I found out that I 
live about 30 min away from Dave Compton, so if you'd like me to pick you up 
any stuff I probaby could when I go home for a couple of days later this 
	By altitude I mean that the stock intercooler will be less effective 
than at sea level because of less air going through it, thereby raising the 
air charge temperature into the engine.
	Rumor has it that we'll be getting a dyno here on base sometime this 
summer. I'm hoping that I can work it so I can get my car on it and get some 
good baseline numbers (my car is 100% stock excpet for K&N air filter, and 
sythetic oils w/ 20k), then make some mods and test each one to see how they 
actually do (dyno time will most likely be only $5-$10 /hour). Should be fun.
	Thanks for the advice on the intercooler, guess I'll go ahead and get 
one. I found one for $50. Any suggestions on how to clean them before install? 
I've heard soaking them in simple green for a while and then air draying for a 
day or two works well.
	This summer should be a lot of fun....as long as the old wallet hold 
out. :)


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Sent by:"Chris Roth" <caroth@rothfam.com>

Did you get your SVO out here in Colorado yet?

> How's going?
> 	Got a quick question. I seem to remember that you said that you 
> installed TC intercoolers on your SVO's. Did you find that they made any 
> difference? 

I went through all of my time sheets and the best run was a 15.3@89 
with the stock IC.  I switched to the TC IC at the track one night 
and gained 3 tenths in the quarter and was eventully able to drop the 
car by another couple tenths with the TC unit.  I think 
(butt-o-meter) that TC IC gives an additional 10-15hp to the car.  I 
know it flows better and the turbo spools better.  It is a really 
good $75 investment. I like it a lot.

>I'm thinking that it would definitely be a good idea considering 
> the altitude out here in CO. 

Altitude does not have as much effect on turbo cars as NA cars.  You 
only loose about 10% power at 5000 ft.

>Is the install pretty much straight forward? 

It is really easy to install, but do not use the TC bracket.  Get a 
new set of TC IC hoses and loose the bracket.  I can get them for 
about $26.00 for both.  I think I even have a pair new in the 

> How does it line up with the SVO hood scoop?

Not as well as the stock IC but it is close.

> Is it easy to tell the difference from the TC and SVO intercoolers
> once installed? The main reason I ask is that  I'm trying to keep my
> SVO as stock looking as possible...ie no Volvo, 944,  sperico etc
> intercoolers, but I would like to get a slightly better one than 
> stock.

You can tell a difference from the two IC but only the real 
knowledgeable wil be able to tell the difference.  The TC IC is your 
best ticket for your application and you will like the power gains!

Keep in touch.  I cannot wait for summer...


Chris Roth
2 SVOs