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Re: Superchips

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, O.B.STEGALL wrote:

> I guess I'm the only S'chips dealer out here who's willing to risk
> thunderbolts of truly Jovian proportions by saying that there's a very
> good use for the chips in some 2.3 turbo applications. As Joe pointed
> out, the chip doesn't do much to the PE program, it basically IS the PE
> program with the rev limit raised. Owners of small VAF and/or 30lb.
> computers who would like to upgrade may use the chip to superimpose a PE
> program on their eec. As finding good used PE's becomes harder, the
> chips are a viable alternative. Bert Stegall   aka  Bert@Good Clean Fun

No thunderbolts here...

That's basically what Peter told me, too...after I told him what the dyno
sheets said.

 It's just that they don't sell them that way -- they sell them as a
HP-adder for the PE-equipped cars.  That's misleading and dishonest,
wouldn't you agree? 

I think that if they told the whole story (like you did), people would be
able to make an intelligent decision about it.  

If you're looking for an upgrade to a PE, it's not a bad deal...if you
already have a PE, don't bother unless you really have to have the extra
500 RPM. 

Joe Morgan