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Re: Superchips

SVOStang@concentric.net wrote:
>   I saw some of the mail on superchips today and it really
> has me wondering. Alot of cars on the web have superchips
> so I assumed they have a really good product.
>   I don't ever plan to do alot of modifications to my car,
> 225hp would be enough. Realistically, my car needs alot
> more than just performance mods right now, but I had
> planned to buy a Superchip eventually.
>   They're website implies that all you need to do is raise
> your boost to 18psi and plug in they're chip and you've got
> an instant 255hp. I've always wondered how this could be
> true. Some of you said all it does is raise your redline.
> If you raise your boost, make some other mods, then add the
> chip does it do more? Why do they call it a 255hp chip?
Hi I'm Bert, perhaps you saw my superchip post earlier. If you have a PE
computer there's not much the chip will do for you as long as you're
pretty much stock. If, however, you have a less performance oriented
eec, the chip superimposes the PE program onto yours which lets you make
vaf/injector changes, and in the case of the xr4ti auto computer gives a
better timing curve. Bert