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Re: Superchips

joseph edward morgan wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, O.B.STEGALL wrote:
> > Joe, I've said before that I find the superchips advo on the 2.3 turbo's
> > to be misleading at best. So to be charitable, will leave it at that.
> > Bert
> Well put...;)
> Can you get the limiter-only chips?  I would suspect that you could sell
> at least a few of those on here...I'd take one for the Ranger (88 TC box).
> Joe Morgan
The problem with rpm limiter chips for fords is that the newer type
flash programmed modules cost more than the older one time programmed 
hand assembled boards.  Dealers pay a flat price for the modules, so are
unable to offer a reduced price for less programming. The only rpm only
chips currently available as good deals are for pre-'95 G.M.'s. Sorry,