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RE: Superchips

>From: 	O.B.STEGALL[SMTP:goodfun@bellsouth.net]
>I guess I'm the only S'chips dealer out here who's willing to risk
>thunderbolts of truly Jovian proportions by saying that there's a very
>good use for the chips in some 2.3 turbo applications. As Joe pointed
>out, the chip doesn't do much to the PE program, it basically IS the PE
>program with the rev limit raised. Owners of small VAF and/or 30lb.
>computers who would like to upgrade may use the chip to superimpose a PE
>program on their eec. As finding good used PE's becomes harder, the
>chips are a viable alternative. Bert Stegall   aka  Bert@Good Clean Fun

Wow...this actually makes sense.  But, is the chip any cheaper than just
buying a PE computer?  As someone who recently bought a PE computer,
but hasn't put it in yet, I've got another question.  Can I just swap
the two,
or are wiring changes required?  I know there's wiring changes to be
when going to a Tbird computer, but had been under the impression the
old SVO and PE box were a direct swap.  Someone recently questioned
that, though, and got me nervous about what kind of problems I might
have putting my PE box in...

>Carl Morris