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Re: your mail

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Chris Roth wrote:

> Joe, 
> A quick question about replacing a fuel pump in my 85 SVO.  I dropped down
> the tank installed the new ranger filter and pump.  I noticed that the Fuel
> line from the tank to the filter is about 1.5" too short.  How did you
> compensate for the short hose?

You're replacing the two-pump deal with a tank-only pump, right?

Just use an FOTZ-9155-A filter (forgot the short number)...90-up
Ranger/Explorer filter...it has long tubes and the body is the same as the
stock filter (FG-800/E7DZ-9155-A).  That should do it, but you might need
to loosen a couple of clamps a bit. 

On mine, I changed the whole fuel system to 87-on...The filter is at the
tank, like on a 5.0L and the lines cross the tunnel and come up from the
footwell on the LH side, like on an 87-88 Bird.

Talk to you soon,