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On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, JPC wrote:

> >I'm even more curious to find any first hand knowledge on how N2O works
> >in a bone stock motor...I've got a kit on the way :)
> When you say "how" are you wondering if it will bend the rods?  I know a guy
> that works for JBA (Jay Bittle) in San Diego that said under no conditions
> to ever use a NOS on a 2.3T.  He said he put a 150hp kit on and completely

Sounds like he didn't know what he was doing :) I'm only planning on
running a small amount, say 40-50 horse worth. I'm sure the stock rods
will take it...after all, RPM is the biggest stress on them - not
compression or combustion pressure, and I only plan on 6200 max (not like
the mini-modders around here who turn 7000+ on their stock rod motors). 

I'm more worried about detonation and having the motor puke up a chunk of 
ring land :) Bye bye turbo.