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On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Cory Erickson wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Mar 1998 streutkerc@NKU.EDU wrote:
> > I don't use N2O, YET, but I Think that NOS make a kit for the 2.3L Turbos
> > out there.  Check out there web page.
> There isn't a kit specifically for the 2.3T, and if you talk to them they
> will tell you that (or tell you to use a custom kit, with a sneaky pete
> like they did me -- morons). Just order the "dry" manifold 5.0 kit (125
> horse). 

Heck...last time I talked to anyone there, they were still saying
that a dry kit wouldn't work...only been using mine for 7 years now. I had
one NOS tech guy (at the track) tell me that it didn't work...talk about
not seeing the forest for the trees...:) 

The "2.3 turbo" kit is just a generic single fogger "Powershot" kit...same
as for any turbo car.  It runs high-pressure fuel and the nozzle goes in
the inlet of the turbo.

I used to have a huge "wet" system on the car when it was carbureted...the
nozzle went into the front of the compressor (79-82 stuff).  I was using
"Stage 2" Cheater jets (78 oxide) with a separate fuel nozzle, because the
tube in a fogger is only .070" in diameter.  

If any of you are gonna do it...just getthe "05115" kit from NOS and shim
the regulator a bit...it works flawlessly and you don't have to do any of
the "purging" crap.  It's really efficient (many passes and good power on
a little juice) and it doesn't have any of the "burps" like a fogger does.
I can get 12-15 runs out of a bottle with a #40 jet.

Joe Morgan