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	Sorry it took me so long to respond I've been out of town. I'd like it 
if you could order a set of hoses for me. Also on the subject of TC IC you 
said that you mounted the IC using the stock SVO mounting brackets? The 
brackets on my SVO don't even come close to lining up right. Did I 
misunderstand you and you used TC IC brackets? or did you modify the stock svo 


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Sent by:"Chris Roth" <caroth@rothfam.com>

Sorry for the delay...I went through all of my boxes and could not 
find any "new" Tc intercooler tubes.  I have some almost new tubes 
but I would suggest you get new ones.  I can order them at wholesale 
up here and get them for you or you can try to get them.  Please 
advise me on what you want to do.

Chris Roth
2 SVOs