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Cool. No rush on the hoses I won't need them until mid may at the earliest. 


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Sent by:Chris Roth <caroth@rothfam.com>

I will order the hoses this afternoon.   Hopefully no more than a week to
get here. 

I do not use any bracket at all.  With the TC hoses and the hood keeping
the IC flat, there is not need to have brackets.


>	Sorry it took me so long to respond I've been out of town. I'd like it 
>if you could order a set of hoses for me. Also on the subject of TC IC you 
>said that you mounted the IC using the stock SVO mounting brackets? The 
>brackets on my SVO don't even come close to lining up right. Did I 
>misunderstand you and you used TC IC brackets? or did you modify the stock

Chris Roth