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Re: FW: Turbo Coupe Intercooler

> I am ready to get rid of the TC Intercooler.  I have got $75.00 into the
> cooler.  I am selling it with the almost new TC hoses on each end.
> These hoses are already double clamped and were brand new when I put the thing on
> the car in August 97.  I would like to get $75.00 with hoses.  If you
> are still interested, let me know.  I am headed to Denver this evening and
> tomorrow if you would like me to drop it off.

Yeah, I'm definitely still into it.  Feel free to drop by, I should
be home by 6 or so.  I'm heading to Cheyenne at noon or so tomorrow.
Whatever works would be great.  As a side note, I just got a new
windshield put into the SVO, the original one was really trashed.
Gives me something to be excited about ;-)...