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Re: SVO: parts for sale

On Fri, 03 Apr 1998 19:58:08 -0800 Jim Dvorak <jdvorak@deltanet.com>

>Anyone need a "project" car or should I buy it?

It looks like you should buy it...  Maybe there was a time for it to be
parted out.  Did you talk to Steve at SF and inquire on the history of
the car?  Maybe the trans and/or motor were shot, or the interior, or it
needed some "unobtanium parts"...  Maybe the person who owned it liked it
enough to sell it to SF so that other SVO's could possibly be saved from
the same fate of that one...  Would you have rather seen it go to the
crusher?  Not everyone has so much money that they don't know what to do
with it.  Gee, maybe I shouldn't have parted out that TC or the mustangs 
(guilt & remorse).......  Maybe we should start walking or riding a
bicycle!  Hmmm...  Maybe we should save the whales and possums while
we're at it too...  :)

Later, Eric
-92 LX
-85 T-Bird T/C
-66 coupe(FOR SALE!, $1000 o.b.o.)
-92 Harley Fat Boy

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