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Re: Intercoolers

That pic was old, and at the time i was missing the return pipe.  But now
what I have is the same section of pipe on the inlet of the volvo IC, and
no return line.  What I have is a 1" swing valve type check valve from
Home Labirynth on there.  It is set up to vent boost, but stay shut in
vacuum.  Works fine as far as I can tell.

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Chris Roth wrote:

> Scott,
> Concerning your bypass valve, I never thought to weld it directly to the
> tube, good idea, I am going to copy you.  
> My question is, what effect does the venting the already metered air to the
> atmosphere do to the computer.  Will the computer freak out because of the
> loss of metered air?
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