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Re: list

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, WalterDeGroot wrote:

> Hey, I keep getting mail from "Mailer Daemon"
> telling me something I've sent is undeliverable,

uhhhh, I think I fixed that. You know, if you guys knew a bit about 
sendmail v8.8.8, you guys would get a good laugh outta what happened ;)

> But in the same batch I get what I posted to the group back adressed
> to myself, so What ever is going on it's weird.

Hopefully I fixed that too ;)

> When I sent my subscribe message last week I had the same thing happen
> leading to extreem frustration.

That I don't know about. You will get a loop back if you included 
yourself in the reply.

>  But I've known since playing with our Digital PDP-8M in highschool that
> computers were screwy.(I hope this doesn't date me...)

hehehehe I've heard of the PDP-11, but 8M? That must have been the size 
of a room! Was it running ultrix (UNIX) or VMS?