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Re: your mail

On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Jim Patton wrote:

> >> 	I have an 88tc. It has the factory IHI turbo on it. I have been told that
> >> I should change it to the garrett. I was informed that the IHI comes on
> >> quicker but at higher boost produces more heat. The garrett is better
> >> because it is bigger and won't produce the heat when it is really spooling
> >> up. One draw back is that it comes on a little later than the IHI. But a
> >> mechanic buddy of mine says the garrett more than makes up for the lag, in
> >> power generated. Is all this true? If so... then how do I go about putting

I am no expert when it comes to the science behind it, but basically 
everything you said is right. The IHI spools up faster, and delivers max 
power not far past 3000 rpm, while the Garrett doesn't come on until 

When I went from the IHI to the Garrett, I was very pleased with the 
results. It's like someone added 20-30 horse to the motor. As far as the 
lag is concerned, it really isn't all THAT bad. The IHI spooled quicker, 
but in my opinion it just "teased" me into thinking it was faster than it 
was ;)

> >> on the garrett. I guess I am going to need fittings. What else? Any help
> >> would be appreciated. Any and all suggestions well be greatly appreciated.

First, I bought a used Garrett. You may be able to pick one up on the 
internet like I did, or you can get one from a junk yard. If you get one 
from a yard, check to make sure it drags a bit when you spin it, the 
thrust clearance on the shaft isn't excessive, and that the wheel doesn't 
hit the sides of the compressor housing. Of course it should look in good 
shape, no wet oil sludge on the inside ;).

Get the two 5/8" (?) heater lines from the car, all the coolant fittings 
into the turbo, the coolant hardline from the turbo to the block, the 
coolant fitting that goes into the block, the oil return line and fitting 
into block, and use a new oil feed line (I payed $18 for the new Ford 
line, $5 for the misc lines and fittings from a junk yard, and $200 for 
the rebuild turbo). Also, make sure to use new *Ford* nuts on the 
turbo-to-manifold studs.

I think that's about it...