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Re: TC Intercooler

Chris Roth wrote:
> WalterDeGroot wrote:
> > I can't see how a blow off protects the turbo
> >the engine mabey, but not the turbo.
> I may be wrong, but I was under the assumption that the whole purpose of a
> by-pass valve is to relieve pressure in the from the turbo to the TB.  When
> you close the TB (decell) you build a ton of boost from the already high
> RPMed turbo.  That boost needs somewhere to go so or it will cause the
> turbo to stop spinning.  I have heard from someone out there that you can
> actually stop the turbine from spinning (20,000 rpm or higher down to 0
> rpm) if you do the full throttle to closed throttle under full boost.  That
> cannot be good on the turbo bearings.  The by-pass valve allows the
> pressure to bleed off and allow the turbo to slow down on its own.
> Chris Roth
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Chris's explanation is right on the money.  The stress on the bearings and the 
vanes of the turbo is extreme.  I plan on installing a blow-off valve.  After
all, it's a lot cheaper than a new turbo!
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