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Re: TC Intercooler

Yeah, but your Turbo isn't spinning at 20,000rpm,
its spinning at 120,000rpm  OR MORE!
Stopping, I dont think so, slowing significantly yeah,
dammage from this I'll admit that it's possible...even likely in extreem cases,
as the 60-trim compressor wheels seem more fragile than the smaller trim wheels.
so they would be more likely to shed blades if subjected to pressure waves.

 I will comment that I never broke one(yet), though I have suffered a
turbine failure...twice, one "ate" a piece of exhust valve asnd the turbine
wheel MELTED from being ground against the housing, the other snapped the
shaft just inboard of the oil seal. made a really weird noise as the pieces
came to rest. 

Opening up the wastegate might be another solution so that when it's open it
"dumps" better.

 The Ford, Volvo and Saab Turbos are all capable of similar behavior within
a certain range, the injection system on the Fords gives them a distinct
advantage, as well as not being limited by Front wheel drive like the Saabs were


At 01:23 PM 4/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>exactly Chris!!!
>At 09:52 AM 4/13/98 -0600, Chris Roth wrote:
>>WalterDeGroot wrote:
>>> I can't see how a blow off protects the turbo
>>>the engine mabey, but not the turbo.
>>I may be wrong, but I was under the assumption that the whole purpose of a
>>by-pass valve is to relieve pressure in the from the turbo to the TB.  When
>>you close the TB (decell) you build a ton of boost from the already high
>>RPMed turbo.  That boost needs somewhere to go so or it will cause the
>>turbo to stop spinning.  I have heard from someone out there that you can
>>actually stop the turbine from spinning (20,000 rpm or higher down to 0
>>rpm) if you do the full throttle to closed throttle under full boost.  That
>>cannot be good on the turbo bearings.  The by-pass valve allows the
>>pressure to bleed off and allow the turbo to slow down on its own.
>>Chris Roth
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