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Re: TC Intercooler

WalterDeGroot wrote:

> Ok if the concern is pressure build up after abrupt closed throttle,
>then I WOULD advocate the use of a SOLENOID activated dump valve,
>controlled by a throttle Closed switch contact.
>as this way it would only open under closed throttle.

Why do the hassle of the switch and wiring the thing.  The Volvo by-pass
valve is simple and uses vacuum/boost to do the same thing.  Under MANIFOLD
boost, the bypass valve is kept closed from the boost but as soon as the
MANIFOLD goes  into vacuum, the by-pass valve opens and relieves pressure.
Are we talking about the same concept and/or device?

>PROVIDED the valve was dumping INTO the turbo inlet, so that no "metered"
>air was lost "overboard".

That is how I have mine setup, all I need is the tube from the welder
(which I will pick-up this afternoon and I will test it tonight and take
pictures of the setup and post...

>Definitions for future use:
> A "pop-off" valve blows manifold pressure to atmosphere.
>A "compressor bypass valve" dumps air from the high side of the compressor
>back to the low side. 

Thanks for the definitions, it is important to know we are talking about
the same thing.

Chris Roth