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RE: TC Intercooler

Its debatable whether "dumping" to the atmosphere or the intake of the
compressor side would make much difference. I don't think the EEC is
that good (precise) when such an abrupt change in throttle occurs such
as this case when a "pop-off" valve would open. Its similar to bleeding
air from wastegate...either way will work. Its just not a lot of
"metered" air and its not a constant condition such as poor seal. 

>  Ok if the concern is pressure build up after abrupt closed throttle,
> then I WOULD advocate the use of a SOLENOID activated dump valve,
> controlled by a throttle Closed switch contact.
> as this way it would only open under closed throttle.
> PROVIDED the valve was dumping INTO the turbo inlet, so that no
> "metered"
> air was lost "overboard".
> Definitions for future use:
>  A "pop-off" valve blows manifold pressure to atmosphere.
> A "compressor bypass valve" dumps air from the high side of the
> compressor
> back to the low side. 
>  Sorry for my not understanding your purpose...
> Allan
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