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Re: Bandimere

In a message dated 4/14/98 10:12:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
caroth@rothfam.com writes:

<< Are/were you planning on coming up to Bandimere on Saturday, April 18th?

no i will be coming into town on the 17th but I have class on the 18th.

 Do you have a blow-off or by-pass valve on your motor? I want to put a
 blow-off valve on my SVO with the Volvo IC but will the dump to the
 atmosphere mess with the computer on the car?
Blow off (vents to atmosphere) but remember I don't have a VAF or any of that
EEC4 stuff.  My car is a fully programable speed density system (Haltech).  I
would recomend you try a blow-off valve first, if the car puts up a fit then
no big deal just plumb it into the turbo intake.  Do you have a valve to use
yet???  A buddy here in corpus runs a bosh unit like whats on a 944T, pretty
easy to find and didn't cost too much.  

good luck