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Re: exhaust manifold

    I just wanted to say thanks to Walter for the information. I was looking at
the DIS head in the wrecking yard on friday wondering if it was possible to use
with a turbo. I'm getting eager to begin on my Turbo 85 Ranger project. So far
the plan is to use the DIS head/roller cam with the turbo and add a Volvo
intercooler. Adding a few bottom end parts from the 85 TC motor that I have for
parts. I may have to get creative with the computer however. The distributor
could be modified with a second pickup to fire the two coil packs and use the
TC computer. Or  the Ranger/Mustang (DIS) computer could possibly be "custom
chipped" for the turbo. Interesting possibilities here anyway.

Preston Anderson
85 Ranger 2.0 (Wanna be a 2.3 turbo)
91 T-bird SC

WalterDeGroot wrote:

> Mystic,
>  I have an 8plug DIS head and the turbo EXHAUST(Caps for Joe's benefit, so
> he doesn't miss it) manifold will bolt right onto it.
> I just physically checked it.
>  The intake mounting is compleatly different.
> Allan
> At 03:19 AM 4/14/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >Will the exhaust manifold off a the 4 plug 2.3 head fit onto the new 2.3 8
> >plug head?  Or are they incompatible ?
> >
> >
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