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Re: exhaust manifold


 There is another possibility.

Use a stock DIS system as-is and rob the APC boost control system off of a Saab.
Saabs use a modulated BCS and vary the boost from 4psi to as much as the
engine will stand without pinging.
you will have to mount a Bosch Knock sensor to the block...

 If they really did make DIS 4cyls without "hot wire" Mass air(as according
to Joe), it opens up
some interesting possibilities.

 The DIS will adjust timing because it has it's own factory KS in the usual

If you can make the DIS run as a "stand alone" system  with a Turbo computer... 
(though I can't imagine how...)
Or you could simply plug the extra 4 spark plug holes, and run the 8-plug
head with 4 plugs,
this would allow Cylinder head temp monitoring of all 4 cyls...

I believe that the 8plug head has a slightly larger combustion chamber than
the "unshrouded" turbo head so it would be somewhat better for ultimate power,
but unfortunatly at the expense of bottom end torque.

 To those who don't know, lower mechanical compression equals more boost
but at the expense of lower bottom end torque.
 and if you increase compression, you increase torque and throttle response
but (obvously)
at the expense of top end power.

 You COULD however set up a high compression engine with a very large
turbine and compressor to extend the torque range of the engine into really
high rpm's (which was how the Callaway Rabbit was set-up).

Sorry for the "turbo Primer" for those who already understand this.


At 12:33 AM 4/15/98 -0600, you wrote:
>    I just wanted to say thanks to Walter for the information. I was looking at
>the DIS head in the wrecking yard on friday wondering if it was possible to use
>with a turbo. I'm getting eager to begin on my Turbo 85 Ranger project. So far
>the plan is to use the DIS head/roller cam with the turbo and add a Volvo
>intercooler. Adding a few bottom end parts from the 85 TC motor that I have for
>parts. I may have to get creative with the computer however. The distributor
>could be modified with a second pickup to fire the two coil packs and use the
>TC computer. Or  the Ranger/Mustang (DIS) computer could possibly be "custom
>chipped" for the turbo. Interesting possibilities here anyway.
>Preston Anderson
>85 Ranger 2.0 (Wanna be a 2.3 turbo)
>91 T-bird SC
>WalterDeGroot wrote:
>> Mystic,
>>  I have an 8plug DIS head and the turbo EXHAUST(Caps for Joe's benefit, so
>> he doesn't miss it) manifold will bolt right onto it.
>> I just physically checked it.
>>  The intake mounting is compleatly different.
>> Allan
>> At 03:19 AM 4/14/98 EDT, you wrote:
>> >Will the exhaust manifold off a the 4 plug 2.3 head fit onto the new 2.3 8
>> >plug head?  Or are they incompatible ?
>> >
>> >
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If you have my AOL address it is not working now