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Re: exhaust manifold

FYI : All vw motors in the 1.8 family have forged cranks with exception to
the 1.5 built in 1978.  Also, the vw flywheels are forged, not cast.
Speedtek built a turbo rabbit with stock 1.8 and stock cam that turned out
435 hp.  Actually, has been alive and well for many years.  Now if I could
figure out how to get half that much horsepower....

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Date: Thursday, April 16, 1998 10:16 AM
Subject: Re: exhaust manifold

>>You know the VW 1.8 had a forged crank?
> No I didn't, but thinking about it, it seems like a good idea, considering
>that the 1.8 was a stroked 1.7
> and the 1.7 was a stroked 1.6 etc...
>>Those saab turbos are pretty small...Pat Dooley from the list has a VW
>>truck we turbo'd and he is using the Saab turbo.  Spools up fast as hell,
>>but even with an intercooler wont run more than 11psi cuz of detonation.
>>I'm tryin to get him to go with a 2.3 compressor, as we have a freind that
>>runs a 2.3 compressor on a saab exhaust housing in a Rabbit, which is
>>pretty much the same setup except that he hasa G grind, and no
>>intercooler.  that guy can run 14-15 without knock.
>That depends on WHICH Saab turbo...
>There is the '78-80 Exhaust pressure regulated wastegate TB-305s with the
>"little turbine"
>and the 42 trim compressor, and large turbine housing.
>What I refer to as the 42 trim is the same as the Carb 2.3 turbos the
>Renault Fuego turbo(which has an interesting intercooler)
>There is the '81-82.5 NON-APC T-03s with the familiar boost pressure
>wastegate and 42 trim compressor.
>The wastegate "pot" on these is set at 8-10 psi and they are not "staked"
>that they are ADJUSTABLE:-)
>The 82.5-83 Turbo differed only in that because of the APC system the
>wastegate was set to 4psi and non-adjustable.
>And the 84- Saabs(last year of the single cam and first several years of
>Saabs) Garretts used the larger 55(?) trim compressor(same "Trim" as the
>Dodges, and CIS injected Volvo's)
>BTW ALL 16V Saab turbos were intercooled
>The EFI turbo Fords use the 62 trim compressor.
>If he is getting detonation at 11lbs nothing will be gained with a larger
>>holy shit..must had some explosive bottom end:)
>Actually far less bottom end than stock, the "weak link" in a Saab 900T is
>the gearbox.
>and it is torque that breaks those so I built the engine for power(top end)
>lower compression takes away bottom end and allows more boost in the top
>Ditto the long overlap N/A camshaft I used, Ditto again for retarding the
> The engine as stock produced peak torque of 160ft/lb@3500rpm  (8lbs)  with
>the little TB-305
>when I was done Peak torque was above 4600rpm at 17lbs without an
>intercooler and no detonation
>and I only got as far as the 55 trim compressor.
> Well I did grind nearly a pound off of and out of the aluminum cylinder
>head too...
>(and I have another that  I had metal added to(by welding) so I could
>even more in the right places...
> The next thing I was going to try was the 62 trim compressor wheel in a
>Nissan 300ZX  housing and the Factory intercooler for the 16V engine.
> I know I can get away with "bloody murder" on this setup because the 16v
>engines are running 9.3:1 C/R
>and 15+lbs of boost on a 55 trim compressor...
>Theoretically at least I should be able to run 20-22lbs boost on pump fuel,
>WITHOUT an intercooler!!!
>before detonation becomes a problem... (and I will use an intercooler:-)
> The only concern was sufficient fuel to prevent high speed lean-out,
>as the OE CIS mechanical injection is limited to 180-190HP,
>but I have a Volvo fuel Distibutor that I'm going to use and these will
>allow approx. 230hp before lean out.
>(and I don't need that much anyway... How much power can you use in a FWD
>car anyway?)
> I am building a Saab and have been gathering the parts for several years.
>I'll tell you more about it if you are even slightly interested,
>Walter De Groot  wdegroot@ptdprolog.net
>610-377-8632   fax 610-377-9362
>If you have my AOL address it is not working now