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Re: heads

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, HMMin CAL wrote:

> i have 83 capri RS and want to install a reworked head but don't know the best
> ones to use please let me know witch head i should look for.    thanks steve  
The 86 or 87 and up ones supposedly do not crack as often.  I had a few
heads on the pinto that were they early ones and they were cracked.  But,
if you are getting a head from a junkyard, and you see an early turbo
head, just check it first.  After like 13 years, if it hasn't cracked yet
it probably wont.  Also, keep in mind the 83-84 heads do not have a the
hole for one of the manifold bolts.  The top left bolt on the late intakes
was moved about a 1/2" to the left, and if you put the late model manifold
on an early head, make sure oyu use alot of RTV.

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