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Re: exhaust manifold

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, WalterDeGroot wrote:

> Scott,
> >You know the VW 1.8 had a forged crank?
>  No I didn't, but thinking about it, it seems like a good idea, considering
> that the 1.8 was a stroked 1.7
>  and the 1.7 was a stroked 1.6 etc...
Actually the 1.8 has a larger bore I beleive too.  The head is way better
on the 1.8 too.

> ****************************************************************************
> >Those saab turbos are pretty small...Pat Dooley from the list has a VW
> >truck we turbo'd and he is using the Saab turbo.  Spools up fast as hell,
> That depends on WHICH Saab turbo...
> There is the '78-80 Exhaust pressure regulated wastegate TB-305s with the
> "little turbine"
> and the 42 trim compressor, and large turbine housing.
> What I refer to as the 42 trim is the same as the Carb 2.3 turbos the
> Renault Fuego turbo(which has an interesting intercooler)

hehe...Funny thing..thanks for reminding me so I can correct myslef.
Thing is, once I did my old VW, pat got interested, and now we know aobut
5 ppl with VW's that are going turbo.  pat actually did use the Fuego
turbo(but used a Saab downppipe elbow), and Fuego intercooler. The fuego
intercooler fits perfectly on the right side of the radiator.  Reason I
got confused with the Saab is they look to be aobut the same, so Pat and
the other guys have been hoarding the shit out of them. Alex(the guy with
the Ford compressor), started with an 8V saab turbo then had the 2.3
compressor put on.

> And the 84- Saabs(last year of the single cam and first several years of 16V
> Saabs) Garretts used the larger 55(?) trim compressor(same "Trim" as the 2.2
> Dodges, and CIS injected Volvo's)

I agree the old ones are .42's.  The volvo uses a .52(I know a guy getting
ready to run one of those on a VW:)

> BTW ALL 16V Saab turbos were intercooled

Yeah, I have one of those IC's..Pretty nice, but looks small for a 2.3.

> The EFI turbo Fords use the 62 trim compressor.

The ford uses a .60 on all Garrett turbo 2.3s.  The center section assmble
of a 2.3 Carb could be used on an EFI setup just by changing housings.
hehe..Kinda funny if you look at the article in MM&FF this month that
everyone is talkin aobut with the kid that is running 11's in an old
Turbo GT. he says hes gonna upgrade by using a compressor off a Pontiac
301. its still just a T3, and at best has a grand Natoinal wheel in it.

> If he is getting detonation at 11lbs nothing will be gained with a larger
> compressor...
It will make the turbo more efficient, lowering intake temps.

> *******************************************************************************
> Theoretically at least I should be able to run 20-22lbs boost on pump fuel,
> WITHOUT an intercooler!!! 
> before detonation becomes a problem... (and I will use an intercooler:-)

You may want to put a MAP between your filter and turbo, preffereably in
the inlet of the turbo.  If you are getting a pressure drop cuz of the
meter or filter, your pressure ratio will be ALOT higher than what you may
think.  20 psig of boost with a 15psia pressure seen by the inlet of the
turbo will be a PR of 2.333.  Pretty much what you expect.  Put a 4 psi
drop across your filter and meter, and and the PR is 2.818!!!  Im sure you
have seen maps and know what that means.

>  The only concern was sufficient fuel to prevent high speed lean-out, 
> as the OE CIS mechanical injection is limited to 180-190HP,
> but I have a Volvo fuel Distibutor that I'm going to use and these will
> allow approx. 230hp before lean out.
> (and I don't need that much anyway... How much power can you use in a FWD
> car anyway?)

Pat has a Volvo fuel distributor in the truck(I think).  Doesnt run any
better than his stock setup.  You may wanna look into a VW plate and
distributor.  Some have a really large plate, the largest CIS plates I
have ever seen. 
Also, why not just go with additional injectors? me and pat are going to
make a microprocessor controlled device that reads MAP, and RPM.  it will
take those readings and give the additonal injector different pulsewidths
for different pressures and RPM.
>  I am building a Saab and have been gathering the parts for several years.
Need any thing?  Those things are in the JY pretty often.  There is a 16v
one out there rite now with everything but the turbo.  I have the IC too,
but would part with it.  lets trade.

> I'll tell you more about it if you are even slightly interested,
Sure but take it easy on me..I dont know alot aobut Saabs.

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