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Re: exhaust manifold

>  Well I suppose that with a custom burned chip, anything's possible,
> so putting in the turbo injectors shouldn't be too much of a problem.
> Allan

Here is my take on this use a 8 plug DIS roller cam
head on a turbo block with a 93 mustang computer
and wiring harness use 36 pound injectors (5.0 stuff)
a PRO-M mass(called PRO-M they will calibrate it no
problem) and a fuel management unit (again 5.0 stuff)
Basicily you putting a suppercharger/turbo on a ford
mass air flow system the 5.0 crowd has already done
the R&D for us we just have 4 less cylinders.
By the way has anybody seen the intake manifold on 
the 98 2.5 ranger,long smooth runners,if I looked at the 
picture right

David Planakis 
advanced auto tech
7075-c newington rd.
newington va.22122