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RE: Intercooler

>OK, I know you can remove the IC core on the SVO unit so could yank all of
>the intercooling fins on the core for more flow?  

I'd prefer not to, I don't think the fins would appreciably increase
to liquid flow, and they help a little with efficient heat transfer.

>I can have something
>fabbed up on that unit for tanks but the real issue is the flow of the
>Stock IC.

Yeah, that's why I'd rather do the Tbird unit.
>Tanks fabbed to the IC are no problem, I have a great welder source for
>that.  Let me know what you think?

I'd love to have you mess with it, I'd just give you back the Tbird IC
to have it done.  I guess I'd like to see the top plate taken off, and
wedge shaped tanks put on it with a small heater hose connection
(preferably the same size as the A/C condenser lines)
at the front "thick" end of each.

So what would it take to make it worth your (and the welder's) time? ;-)

	-- Carl