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RE: Intercooler

>From: 	Chris Roth[SMTP:caroth@rothfam.com]
>>So what would it take to make it worth your (and the welder's) time? ;-)
>My time is free, 

Huh huh...if you insist...

>I would just like to be able to snap the pictures and have
>the mod on my web page kinda like the Volvo IC stuff.  Hard-core
>performance improvement numbers would be nice to have before and after.  I
>think you have the before part taken care of.  Lets wait until after May
>9th, that way you can get some more numbers on the TC IC...

Sounds great to me...

>The welder is pretty cheap but does a great job.  Perhaps the best thing to
>start looking for is some type of cap for the top and bottom of the IC.  If
>you get a chance, take a some measurements of what the cap would would need
>to be dimensionally (sp?).

I can measure the core dimensions no problem, one concern I have is
out how much height I can add with the cap before I have clearance
at the thick end of the wedge.  I don't think the Tbird IC is tight
against the
rubber air-seal piece like the SVO IC, but I'm not even sure of that...

	-- Carl
>Chris Roth - Northern Colorado