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Re: Intercooler

Thanks for the info.  It is getting late here.  Time for bed.

I will probably investigate the Porsche intercooler a little more.  I like the
idea of not having to mess with the radiator and the increased flow.  As you
know, anything with Porsche on it is twice as much.  Some guy at the SVO
reunion had a Mitsubishi Eclispse cooler on his car and he even used some of
the same hosing.  Lee Clarey talked about running a Ford Powerstroke
intercooler and was currently having it cut and welded (?). If I put an
intercooler behind the radiator, I would put a metal box in the front of it
and have some kind of large scoop on the bottom or I would face the
intercooler straight down.  I think the Spearco setup is like that.

Well if I decide against the Volvo, I guess I will sell it.  I'll let you
know.  I am still planning on having the intake rewelded soon.  Can you get
one of those bypass valves.


Ron Stein