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Re: (no subject)

> MARTIN0660 wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > Just wondering if anyone knows about the accuracy of the overboost buzzer, I
> > know the factory boost gages are lousy. Just trying to see how bad my gage is
> > without buying actually buying a boost gage yet.

A fiend of mine once actually calibrated a couple of factory boost guages
against a dead-accurate 6" pressure guage (the kind that costs hundreds,
not $30)...guess what?

The '85 TC guage was off by 1 PSI (read high at 15)...the SVO guage was
dead on.  

I know that this goes against the "common wisdom"...but the factory guages
have a really nice movement in them...I believe it's called a "bourdon
tube".  Most of the people who think that they're innacurate are
comparing them to much cheaper guages.

Joe Morgan